The Hub

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The Hub

At Ormiston Maritime Academy

At OMA we have a shared vision for our students in The Hub, we are one Academy. We embrace that all students can be exceptional learners irrespective of their backgrounds. We believe that their journey with us will enable them to have the necessary knowledge, skills, qualifications, and mind-set to contribute positively to society.

The Hub is fully inclusive extension of our main Academy. It is designed to accommodate up to 12 students from Key Stage 3. Students who attend The Hub have been highlighted as needing additional scaffolding and support within their learning journey. The needs of our individual young people will vary, and could range from emotional and social needs, challenges to behaviour and barriers to learning.
Students at The Hub will attend a full-time learning provision which enables them to access our curriculum even better within a bespoke learning environment. Specialist staff within The Hub will implement targeted learning strategies to champion our students’ outcomes and achievements. The length of time which students will attend The Hub will vary from individual to individual, however for the majority of our students this will mean a 12-week period of time. The hope is that this step out of the main school provision will allow our learner/s to reengage and be able to return to mainstream lessons. Outcomes, achievements and needs will be reviewed weekly and this will continue to allow students to enjoy a positive learning experience. Alongside teaching from Hub staff, students will also receive lessons from subject staff which will enable individuals to remain part of our wider Academy family which in turn will aid a smooth transition back to our main building.
The Hub is situated in the grounds of Ormiston Maritime Academy. It consists of two large, light and bright classrooms which are visually stimulating creating a vibrant learning environment. Our facilities within The Hub also include designated computer stations, space for small group and independent learning and time can be taken for those who need to refocus. Students will continue to have ongoing support and guidance from in house counsellors and pastoral staff.
Interventions are in place for the students to help them realise what went wrong in the main academy and how to rectify these issues. The students are given all the support possible to make their return to mainstream successful. This support will continue as they transition back into academy life.

The Curriculum

The Curriculum at The Hub allows students to fully access and engage with all the core subjects and is enhanced further with wellbeing/PSHE and enrichment activities in food technology, Physical Education, alongside bespoke intervention opportunities to aid even further progress in numeracy, literacy, and oracy. In addition to this The Hub offers;

  • Face to face lessons with Hub staff and subject teachers
  • A tailored curriculum offer with the main Academy
  • Continuity of teaching staff within core subjects
  • Dedicated and consistent support form Hub staff
  • Paired timing with the main Academy
  • Wellbeing, PSHE and enrichment factored into each year group weekly sessions
  • Dedicated time for review of progress and target setting to drive learning and achievements forward


  • Attendance and Safeguarding – students will access a full-time provision thus lowering instances of being at risk of isolation.
  • Personal, Social, Health and Care – our young people will take responsibility for their own personal care, health and well-being. As with all outcomes, these will be scaffolded and supported.
  • Reintegration / return to main Academy – all students will have the opportunity to reintegrate to the main Academy full-time after the 12 week programme. This will be determined within a robust review process which allows all parties to agree to a shared vision.
  • Students’ progress will be monitored weekly, with phone calls home, praise rewards, and enhanced enrichment.
  • All students will have a formal review on a 6-week basis with parents / carers and other relevant parties.