A warm welcome to

Ormiston Maritime Academy


A warm welcome to Ormiston Maritime Academy where we ASPIRE to Excellence!


Welcome to Ormiston Maritime Academy. I am incredibly proud to lead this academy as Principal as it is a delight to work with such dedicated staff and students.

As Principal, one my priorities is to ensure all students feel safe and happy here at the academy. Recent visits by external stakeholders such as parents, educators and Ofsted have said that safeguarding is effective, and bullying is rare. I am proud that the students here at Ormiston Maritime Academy have positive attitudes towards their learning.

Ormiston Maritime Academy is a place of learning which holds the young person at the centre of all that we do.

Carrianne Robson, Principal

Our Commitment

• We are committed to do whatever it takes to provide a vibrant education for all our students.
• We will provide a structured environment which is founded upon high expectations and no excuses.
• Through great teaching and learning our students will gain the skills and qualifications they need to lead happy and successful lives and to make a positive contribution to society.

Our Vision

We are a a school: Our students come first. We deliver a world class education that enables all of our students to achieve or exceed their targets in a safe, stimulating and aspirational environment.
We are a family: Every member of the academy family plays a significant part in its success. Together we aspire to excellence. We succeed and celebrate together.
We are a community: We all share a love for, and a commitment to, the community we serve. Respectful relationships are the key to our success.

Why Choose Ormiston Maritime Academy...
GREAT ENVIRONMENT - The school’s environment, the displays and the regularly updated celebrations of pupils’ successes focus on reminding pupils that they can and will succeed.

Ofsted, November 2016
Why Choose Ormiston Maritime Academy...
SAFE & SECURE - All staff are very clear about their responsibilities and of the systems that the school has put in place to support and ensure that pupils are safe.

Ofsted, November 2016
Why Choose Ormiston Maritime Academy...
PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE - The principal demonstrates that he and his team are single minded in their pursuit of excellence for all.

Ofsted, November 2016