Term dates

Holidays during term time will not be sanctioned for any learner under any circumstances. Other absences will only be authorised under exceptional circumstances.

Term dates 2016–2017

Term 1 Tues 6th Sept 2016 – Fri 21st Oct 2016
Term 2 Mon 31st Oct 2016 – Fri 16th Dec 2016
Bank holidays Mon 26th Dec 2016, Tues 27th Dec 2016, Mon 2nd Jan 2017
Term 3 Wed 4th Jan 2017 – Fri 17th Feb 2017
Term 4 Mon 27th Feb 2017 – Fri 7th Apr 2017
Bank holidays Fri 14th Apr 2017, Mon 17th Apr 2017
Term 5 Tues 25th Apr 2017 – Fri 26th May 2017
Bank holidays Mon 1st May 2017, Mon 29th May 2017
Term 6 Mon 5th June 2017 – Fri 21st July 2017

Inset/teacher training days:
2016: Mon 5th September

2017:Tue 3rd January

Mon 24th April

Mon 24th July

Tue 25th July


Term dates 2017–2018

Term 1 Wed 6th Sept 2017 – Fri 20th Oct 2017
Term 2 Mon 30th Oct 2017 – Wed 20th Dec 2017
Bank holidays Mon 25th Dec 2017, Tues 26th Dec 2017, Mon 1 Jan 2018
Term 3 Wed 3rd Jan 2018 – Fri 9th Feb 2018
Term 4 Mon 19th Feb 2018 – Thu 29th Mar 2018
Bank holidays Fri 30th Mar 2018, Mon 2nd Apr 2018, Mon 7th May 2018
Term 5 Tue 17th Apr 2018 – Fri 25th May 2018
Bank holiday Mon 28th May 2018
Term 6 Mon 4th Jun 2018 – Thu 19th Jul 2018

The academy will be closed to students for staff and teacher training on the following dates:


Mon 4th Sep 2017

Tue 5th Sep 2017


Tues 2 Jan 2018

Fri 30 Mar 2018

Mon 16 Apr 2018

Fri 20 Jul 2018



Leave of Absence

Dear Parents/Carers,

The Department for Education statutory guidance on school attendance state that the principal may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

At Ormiston Maritime Academy we aim to achieve a good attendance through working in partnership with staff, pupils, parents, governors and the Education Welfare Service.

I would recommend that parents discuss leave of absence requests due to exceptional circumstances with myself as any absences from school can result in children falling behind with their school work.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Mr K Gallacher


Leave of Absence Request Form