Recovery Curriculum

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Recovery Curriculum

Curriculum Response & Recovery Plan

Following the period of lockdown from March to July 2020, an extra £650 million funding to help students catch up on teaching missed during the coronavirus has been provided by the Government for all students nationally.

The funding is part of a £1billion “massive catch-up operation” for schools. Of the £1billion, £350million will subsidise a nationwide tutoring programme to help pupils most at need.

Please click HERE for  a document on how Ormiston Maritime Academy will use the funding to help students recover lost learning. Our model is based on best practice and evidence of what works and takes account of the work academies are already doing through the EEF ‘tiered approach’.

This document is a summary of more in-depth document that can be obtained from the Academy. The in-depth document also contains an action plan and as review of its progress throughout the year.

Please click HERE for a summary of all approaches.