OMA iPads

At Ormiston Maritime Academy we have brought our learning into the 21st century by giving all students the opportunity to own an iPad.

These are used to deepen learning experiences and engagement and have provided new ways in which teaching staff can provide feedback in order to support students’ learning and progress.

It is academy policy to use iPads during lesson time to support, enhance and engage students’ learning.



Year 10 and Year 11 (2015/16) – iPad Scheme

As advised previously we have negotiated with our ICT partner, Gaia Technologies plc, that students in the new Year 10 and Year 11 from September 2015, will be able to extend the warranty and insurance cover on their iPads for £35 for an additional one year. This would provide the same level of cover that has been provided. The excess system will also still apply.

This is a cost effective solution but is subject to the majority of Year 10 and Year 11 taking up the offer.

A pre-condition of the extended warranty/insurance will be that the iPad must be brought into the Academy, so that we can verify the iPad is undamaged and in a workable condition. We would ask that students bring their iPad’s in when they return on Thursday, 3 September 2015 so that this process can begin.

Parent’s will be requested to complete a proforma confirming that they wish to take up the option of the extended insurance/warranty cover. Payment of the £35 would also need to be paid before the insurance/warranty cover becomes valid.

Unfortunately as previously advised the iPad’s for students in Year 10 and Year 11 do not currently have insurance/warranty cover. We would ask that Parents and students look after their iPad accordingly.

Having investigated options for replacing the existing iPads for Year 10 and Year 11, we have concluded that it would not be cost effective for you as parents to introduce another device.


Using iPads for Sports

As part of our learning experience here at OMA, we strive to utilise each and every resource available to us.

During PE and any other sports related activity, the academy uses its iPads to monitor, track and improve the performance of the students.

This way, both students and teachers can look at each routine in detail which helps to both improve the students confidence and performance both inside and outside of lesson time.

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