Day 1 – We had a great journey up to Wathgill Camp in Catterick. Amvale were able to provide us with a coach with TVs and students were ecstatic about watching the England Football match during the journey. Cadets arrived in camp to a fulfilling meal and were then allocated accommodation and were able to unpack ready for a busy next day.

Day 2 – We spent the day at Adrenaline where Cadets traversed along the high ropes, climbed the high wall and abseiled down again. They then took part in the Obstacle Course Challenge before returning back to camp for dinner. After dinner, cadets spent a couple of hours handling weapons, the first time for many, in preparation for a The Ranges the next day.

Day 3 – A full on day at The Ranges for our students where many fired live rounds for the very first time. We have a sniper in our midst as she hit 20/20 on her first attempt with the weapon. All Cadets fully enjoyed the day. They did not, however, enjoy cleaning the weapons on their return but all contributed and took part regardless under the instruction of our senior Cadets. After tea Cadets attended an informative lecture about WW1.

Day 4 was TIBUA (Training in a Built up Area). Here Cadets were taught how to clear a room/building, how to defend a room/building, how to enter a building that contain the enemy and how to patrol effectively. Even the Contingent Commander had a go! In the evening students gave it their all on the Assault Course with many getting over the 10 Feet Wall!

Day 5 – Cadets spent the morning on Signals training which really supported their understanding of their affiliation with their Cap Badge. In the afternoon they conducted Leadership Skills, testing their ability to instruct and receive instructions. After dinner, Cadets were given the evening off to watch the England Football game. The atmosphere was brilliant and even though the score was not what they wanted, a great evening was had by all.

Day 6 – This was an important day as it was TACTICS that were going to support the overnight exercise. Cadets were taught ambush manoeuvres and firing effectively at the enemy. They moved to their overnight location and secured their Harbour. Cadets had the delight of sampling a 24 hour Ration Pack, cooking themselves and trying some new delights! They were attacked by the enemy but were able to defend their Harbour and the enemy retreated. They all then settled down for the night in the 5* accommodation!

Day 7 – The final day of activities. Cadets completed the second exercise driving out the enemy in pairs and as a platoon. They were very quick at loading their magazines and they managed to fire at least 100 blank rounds each throughout the day. They finished off their rations before making their way back to camp. The dreaded weapons cleaning then commenced before weapons were handed back to the Armoury and dinner was then had. Cadets managed to get most of their packing done before a Pizza treat was given for their impeccable behaviour and their Can Do Ethos throughout the week. At this point all cadets were looking forward to Annual Camp 2019 and all staff were looking forward to their own bed!


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