Keeping You Informed

We want to keep you as informed as possible in multiple ways

Keeping You Informed

Student Progress

Close monitoring of student progress and clear target setting enables staff to regularly review your child’s attainment as they move through the Academy. Each student is set an examination or Key Stage target grade at the start of each year. Families are informed in writing about their child’s progress throughout the year although families can also keep track of their child’s progress by registering for the MyEd App.

All students receive an annual progress report in the spring or summer term.

Methods of Communication

The Academy uses a parental engagement App called MyEd – this enables free two way communication by texts between the Academy and parents (those listed as Priority 1 contacts) and vice versa.

Through the MyEd App parents can be kept informed of their child’s progress in the Academy. Parents/carers who are listed on our records as being priority 1 contacts can register for the MyEd App by clicking on the link HERE

It is essential that the Academy has up to date information about your child in terms of address, emergency contacts, emergency contact numbers and up to date medical information. Please help us to safeguard your child by informing us immediately of any changes. If you need to update the information that we hold about your child please contact us via email:

Student Planners

Every student is issued with a student planner. This provides parents with up to date information about what homework has to be completed and by when, your child’s timetable and progress during each day that they attend the Academy. It is our expectation that every student brings their planner with them every day to the Academy. We would ask that you regularly review your child’s planner to inform yourself of the progress that your child is making or any issues that may have been identified.