Year 11 Provision

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Year 11 Provision

Information for Parents & Carers

In accordance with statuary guidance, the Department for Education (DfE) ask that schools provide valuable activities for Year 11 students during the Summer term 2021. This provision will be on offer up to Friday 25th June when Year 11 students cease to be of compulsory school age. These activities are designed to support with their progression needs into Post 16 education, employment or training. Materials and activities can be accessed in the menu below and also links will be uploaded to Students Edu link accounts.

Links to the websites for both Franklin Sixth Form College and Grimsby Institute of Further Education can be found here:

Franklin Sixth Form College

Grimsby Institute of Further Education

Links to the transition booklets for both Franklin Sixth Form College and Grimsby Institute of Further Education can be found here:

Franklin Sixth Form College

Grimsby Institute of Further Education

Each student has received a copy of the transition work booklets. Providers will be contacting Students and their Parents/Carers directly. If you have any queries regarding your next steps please contact the provider direct, in the first instant. However, if you still have any further queries please email Miss Thornton at [email protected].

Free courses have been provided to help students learn new skills. These include general skills that apply to all job sectors and more specialised areas. These courses are all free and will give a certificate on completion. These can be found found HERE and include the following topics: 

Practical Maths

2 courses to help with fractions, decimals and other maths skills for work and everyday life.

Computer essentials

6 courses to help you use a computer, the internet and office programmes.

Personal growth and wellbeing

6 courses to help with decision making, your mind set and dealing with stress and resilience.

Professional Development

12 courses to help with interpersonal skills, your professional online presence, leadership and collaboration.

Business and Finances

9 courses including project and business management, bookkeeping and sales.

Digital Design and Marketing

7 courses including user experience design (UX), graphic design, app design, social media.

Computer Science

19 courses including cyber security, computer network, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.


9 courses including HTML, CSS, Python, C and C++

There are six sessions available from Martin Lewis who has produced power points on useful Money topics such as savings, values, borrowing, money planning, risk and security. These can be found here:

Chapter 1 – Savings

Chapter 2 – Making the most of your money

Chapter 3 – Borrowing

Chapter 4 – Moving on from school

Chapter 5 – Risk and reward

Chapter 6 – Risk and reward

Relevant links from Oak National Academy for the Core Subjects at KS4 are listed below so students can work through independently and cover content they may be less secure on.

Maths – Oak National Lessons

KS4 Maths (Core)

KS4 Maths (Foundation)

KS4 Maths (Higher)

Science – Oak National Lessons

KS4 Science (Combined)

KS4 Science (Physics)

KS4 Science (Chemistry)

KS4 Science (Biology)

English – Oak National Lessons

KS4 English

The safety and welfare of our students whether in the Academy or learning remotely is always the priority. There will be some Year 11 students who have been invited into the Academy but all students are welcome to attend if they would like to work through these activities supervised.

We will be carrying out welfare calls during the period up to the 25th June 2021 for students at home.

Students who access services to support their health and mental health will continue to do so.

Students and parents can email [email protected] if they ever have any concerns or worries.