Pupil Premium

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Pupil Premium - Information for Parents

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium grant is government money designed to help students who are currently registered for Free School Meals, or who have been registered for Free School Meals within the last 6 years, to do well at school. The children of Armed Forces families and young people who are In Care are also eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

How much Pupil Premium money does our Academy receive?

For the period 2019-20 the pupil premium money total is £283 395. For the period 2018-19 the pupil premium money total was £330,775.

How is the money spent?

Click HERE to view the Pupil Premium Grant spending impact and evaluation from 2019 / 2020.

Click HERE to view the Pupil Premium Grant spending impact and spending 2020 / 2021.

How will parents know that the money has been well spent?

We track students’ overall progress against their targets regularly so that we can quickly see the impact our provision is making. Progress is reported to you five times a year, and also at our Parents’ Review Days and Consultation Evenings. If your child takes part in an Intervention Programme, we also measure how s/he is progressing at the start of the programme and again, at the end, so that we can measure improvement and see the difference.

At the start of each financial year, we publish, on our School Website, an outline of how we intend to spend our Pupil Premium for the coming year and, at the end of each financial year, we publish details of how the money was spent, with a brief report on the impact of this spending.