Academy Uniform

You can see our Academy Uniform guidelines below

Academy Uniform

Wearing the Academy Uniform

Wearing the Academy uniform is an important factor in establishing a pride in and identity with, the Academy and at the same time minimises social divisions between students. We expect all students to represent Ormiston Maritime Academy with very high personal standards and a high level of respect that they show towards themselves, and the Academy in the way they wear the uniform.

The uniform code states clearly that plain, black polishable shoes must be worn, this applies to both female and male students.

The retail shops that are found in any shopping centre or high street show students wearing uniform with black trainers/shoes, often stating the ‘back to school’ slogan.

We would ask you not to buy any of these advertised brands/examples and ensure that shoes are plain black and polishable with no coloured tags, logos, stripes, piping or decoration.

The Uniform



PE Kit

Gloves, Scarves & Hats






Clip on Tie / Cravat

Outdoor Wear


Please note the following uniform regulations, which apply to boys and girls:

The Principal reserves the right to send a student home if he/she is not in the appropriate uniform.

1.) Students are expected to wear their uniform correctly to and from the Academy. Whilst in uniform students are to follow Academy rules.

2.) Academy uniform is to be worn when representing the Academy.

3.) Students should wear their blazers inside the Academy building and on their journey to and from the Academy. Outdoor coats and scarves should not be worn inside the building.

4.) Permission must be obtained from the Principal if a student needs to change out of uniform before leaving the Academy.

5.) Any items of jewellery that do not meet the Academy requirements will be confiscated on sight. The member of staff confiscating it will seal it in an envelope bearing the students name and take it to the main office.

6.) Any jewellery confiscated for inappropriate use can only be collected by a parent/carer from the main Academy reception until 4pm each day.

Parents/carers should send a note in to the Head of Year if their son/daughter for some reason is not dressed in appropriate uniform. Students will be provided with Academy issue uniform or shoes (and expected to wear them) as a short term measure. However, it is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their child has correct uniform at all times.