Year 7 Catch Up

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Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Ormiston Maritime Academy

Our curriculum and provision for Catch Up Premium students addresses gaps in students’ knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy. The programme equips our students with the literacy and numeracy capabilities needed to take advantage of current and future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in life, to powerfully address social disadvantage. The academy identifies Catch Up Premium students as those who achieved less than 100 in their KS2 scaled score in reading or math’s. We use additional funding to implement effective interventions in order for these students to make accelerated progress in order to catch up and keep up with their peers.

Identified CUP students follow their own bespoke pathway in Year 7 which allows them to access a variety of interventions for both literacy and numeracy. This is known as the ‘gold group’. It also provides them with an additional 3 hours of literacy support per week. Students in the CUP group benefit from a variety of interventions that have a proven record of supporting students to make progress. These interventions include Accelerated reader and a newly introduced Sound Training programme from Lexonic. The Times Table Rockstars programme helps to support the fundamentals in mathematics.

Click HERE for more detailed action plan on how the Year 7 Catch-Up Funding is spent.