Use of Mobile Phones

Our mobile phone policy can be seen below

Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones present schools with unique problems. On one hand, students and parents may rightly see them as a means of supporting students’ safety on the way and from the Academy, especially in winter.

On the other hand they:

  • Have been found to hinder with communication between home & school
  • Are a proven serious distraction from students' work
  • Cause an unacceptable waste of staff time when used inappropriately
  • Are attractive to potential thieves
  • Are prohibited by all Examinations Boards and QCA in all tests and examinations

We would like to keep a reasonable and workable approach to retaining the benefits to students having mobile phones and ensure that none of the unacceptable consequences of their presence in the Academy are endured.

We ask therefore, that you and your child help us by being aware of the following;

  • The Academy cannot accept responsibility for their loss or damage however caused
  • It is illegal to attempt to use a mobile phone capable of taking photographs for that purpose on academy property. The use of this technology to bully, intimidate or otherwise harm others on the way to and from the Academy is a serious offence
  • The law deems it to be the responsibility of the students parents, guardians or carers if their child brings a mobile phone into the Academy
  • No photos, videos or recording.

If a parent, guardian or carer wishes their child to keep a mobile phone with them, the following must be complied with;

  • Students can use mobile phones on the way to and from school only.
  • All mobile phones must be switched off and out of sight as soon as students enter the school gates.
  • Mobile phones must not be used at any point during the school day (this includes at break time, lunch time and during the transition time between lessons.)
  • Any mobile phone that is seen on the Academy premises (this includes inside the Academy building but also at break and lunch time outside) will be confiscated on sight. The member of staff confiscating it will, seal it in an envelope bearing the students name and take it to the main office.
  • Any mobile phone confiscated for inappropriate use can only be collected by a parent/carer from the main Academy reception until 4pm each day.
  • Refusal to hand over a mobile phone for confiscation, or repeated use of a mobile phone on the premises, will be dealt with in line with the Academy's Behaviour Policy