Student Engagement Trust

Ormiston Maritime Academy is pleased to announce that we were chosen as one of only two demonstration schools in the UK to be undertaking a three year partnership with the Student Engagement Trust (SET).

Chief Executive Dawn Haywood, spent time working with our academy last year to implement the idea of involving and engaging students with their own curriculum.

Student Engagement is about treating students as partners in their education and openly encouraging them to participate in the management and development of all aspects of learning and teaching.

Ms Haywood said:

We only invited schools to become part of the trust who we believed could make a meaningful difference.

“We work on all different levels within the academy including teachers, support staff, students and parents because we want the students to understand, live and learn the process of meaningful engagement.”

It was found that students are 40 times more likely to achieve academically when they are engaged with their education.

Staff member Joanne Fieldsend said:

“By working with the Student Engagement Trust it is empowering students and staff to make the positive changes that are needed to bring about whole academy improvement. By focusing on key concepts such as relationships, relevance and expertise, strategies are being developed to create meaningful engagement.

“This gives the academy infinite potential to grow and improve. Student leaders are being trained to drive forward changes, give students a voice and act as ambassadors for the academy.”

Student Jessica Castro said:

“I’m extremely excited to be part of the Student Engagement Trust Leadership team because it gives us a voice and a chance to tell the teachers what we really think.

I think every school should have one!”

Dawn Haywood who is also a board member of the My Education campaign will collaborate with the academy to carry out frequent site visits, professional development, direct work with students, a wide array of assessments, and attention to whole-school change.

SET partners with a very limited number of schools in order to build capacity for them to “demonstrate” the effectiveness of student engagement and aspirations-related school improvement.

The driving force behind these efforts is ensuring that all students have high aspirations, are meaningfully engaged in their learning, and succeeding academically, personally, and socially whilst positively impacting on others.

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