Rewards and Vivo

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Earn Vivos and reward yourself!

For parents

The Vivo Parental Engagement Platform has been designed to positively “engage and inform” parents. With your own personal Vivo account you can view information relating to your child’s rewards. Everything is presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand and delivered in a format you choose. With the option to receive updates by email, information can be pushed to you in real time or on a periodic basis, and you can access your account wherever you have access to an internet enabled PC.

Parents have access to:

  • Monitoring: access information on your child’s rewards
  • Pledges: Make a private pledge to your child, linked to progress at school, to increase motivation
  • SMS updates: Receive real-time or periodic updates on your child’s daily transaction history, including all rewards, teachers’ comments and purchases/donations
  • Pocket money (coming soon): Link pocket money to your child’s progress at school

For students

It’s the 21st century right? So, when you do something worthy of a reward at school, you want something a little more interesting than a sticker or a stamp in your planner from your teacher, yeah?

Ok, so how about having your own personal rewards card, just like a bank card? Well that’s what you get with Vivo! Here’s more about how it works:

  • Earn electronic points called Vivos, awarded to you by your teacher
  • Log in to your account online to check your Vivo balance
  • Spend your Vivos on the rewards YOU want, using your Vivo card

How do I earn rewards? I don’t have to eat vegetables, do I?

Well, actually, if your school has signed up to Vivo’s healthy eating programme, you can earn Vivos for eating your greens! But fortunately there are many other ways you can pick up the points. You could be awarded Vivos for completing an outstanding piece of homework, attending extra-curricular activities or for continually keeping your planner up-to-date; whatever criteria your school decides. We’re also making a Pocket Money module (to be released early next year) which will enable your parents to top up your account with Vivos as a weekly donation.

What sort of stuff can I spend my Vivos on?

We have all sorts – sports equipment, computer games, beauty products, stationery items, mobile top-ups, cinema tickets… you name it, we probably have it! And if we don’t, just let us know and we’ll try our hardest to source it for you.

Your school might even add their own rewards to the catalogue such as prom tickets or “skip-the-lunch-queue” vouchers, or there’s our ever-popular charities that you can donate your Vivos to. Last year, over 200,000 Vivos were donated to some great causes, including Red Nose Day, Children in Need and the Haiti Earthquake appeal by students using Vivo up and down the country.