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As an inclusive academy we have always encouraged and valued parental interest and involvement in all aspects of our academy life.

As a parent/guardian of our students you will automatically become a member when your children join the academy – so welcome!

At this stage, we are looking for active members who would be willing to attend and contribute in regular meetings, share their opinions/thoughts, work with the academy as well as plan and participate in fundraising events.

The main aim of the PTA will be to improve and advance the education of all our students at Ormiston Maritime Academy and also promote positive partnerships between home and the academy. This will be successful by; parents and academy staff effectively and honestly communicating and the group raising funds through a variety of fundraising events, in order for our students to experience diverse opportunities within the curriculum.

Please see the letter below and if you are interested in participating you can download and return the consent slip here.

For further information and to register your interest please email

PTA letter