Our curriculum

As an academy we have far more freedom than many schools to provide a varied, innovative and stimulating curriculum that offers all students the chance to develop according to their talents, interests and ambitions.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 all students study English, mathematics, science, computing, PE, design technology, languages and humanities. They also have the opportunity to study guidance, art, music and drama and literacy and numeracy.

During Year 9, students have the opportunity to opt for subjects from Year 10 onwards. All students study English, mathematics, science, guidance and PE and then choose from a range of subjects to meet their aptitudes and individual interests. Students are guided onto a relevant pathway based on prior attainment. Some students will have the opportunity to study AS levels or a wider range of qualifications in partnership with Franklin College. Some students will follow work related qualifications. This more personalised approach enables our students to achieve high levels of success and engage in courses that provide an opportunity to truly flourish. Our curriculum has enabled every student to experience success and provides the platform for our students to realise their potential.

A small number of students transferring to the academy in Year 7 follow an enriched programme of literacy and numeracy, which helps them to prepare for the full curriculum diet in Year 8. This is known as the ‘Gold Curriculum’ and covers the core subjects of English, maths and humanities