Our Key Staff

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Our Key Staff

Academy Leadership Team

Mr K Gallacher

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Miss E Cooling

Deputy Principal
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Mrs C Russell

Assistant Principal
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Mrs D MacDonald

Assistant Principal / CCF Contingent Commander
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Mr D Walton

Finance Director / Data Protection Lead
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Mrs S Herridge

Assistant Principal / Safeguarding Lead
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Other Key Academy Staff

  • Mr J Willis - Learning Director (Maths)
  • Mr S Shanks - Learning Director (Science)
  • Mr K Jackson - Learning Director (English)
  • Mrs T Ramage - Head of Technology
  • Mrs K Wilson - Head of The Arts
  • Mr T Cassidy - Head of PE
  • Mrs C Turner - Head of Humanities
  • Mrs K Harrison - Finance
  • Mrs H McMullan - Principal's PA
  • Mrs D Weedon - Office Manager
  • Mrs K Pettitt - Head of Year 7
  • Mrs A Brown - Head of Year 8
  • Mrs J Cornthwaite - Head of Year 9
  • Mr J Scott - Head of KS4
  • Mr M Hallam - Data Manager
  • Mrs C Gilby - Child Protection Officer
  • Mr K Harris - Education Welfare & Attendance Officer
  • Mrs A Campbell - Clerk to the Governors
  • Miss S Wallis - Chair of Governors / Deputy Principal, Frankin College
  • Mr A Nicholson - Deputy-Chair of Governors