Home Academy Agreement

The Academy offers its students a caring and supportive environment in which to learn

Home Academy Agreement

The Academy offers it students a caring and supportive environment in which to learn. The ethos of the Academy is underpinned by a commitment to providing equal opportunities for all and a resolve to foster an atmosphere in which each student as an individual is respected and encouraged.

It is our aim to enable students to develop self-confidence and an awareness of their personal strengths whilst promoting a firm grasp of their personal responsibilities.

The staff strive to work hand in hand with parents to help all students reach their potential academically as well as developing their social and emotional awareness and personal growth.

Parents & Guardians Agree To

  • Ensure that my/our child attends the academy on time, in uniform and equipped properly and ready to learn;
  • Inform the Academy promptly of the reasons for any absence;
  • Encourage my/our child to make the most of the educational opportunities offered by the Academy;
  • Give support and encouragement to my/our child in their efforts to complete Academy work/homework;
  • Attend parents’ evenings and work with the Academy to help my/our child progress;
  • Support the Academy’s efforts to maintain proper order and discipline so that the Academy will be a safe and secure place for pupils and staff.

Ormiston Maritime Academy Agrees To

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which seeks to meet the needs of all its students;
  • Ensure that children are taught well, cared for and treated fairly;
  • To meet the inclusive needs of all students including extending the able, gifted and talented and providing appropriate support where additional needs have been identified;
  • Provide a structured environment which is founded upon high expectations and no excuses in which children can learn and grow;
  • Keep parents informed of children’s progress and offer advice on how parents can help;
  • Listen and have due regard for parents’ concerns and anxieties and provide opportunities for parents to discuss these;
  • Keep parents informed about Academy activities and the opportunities to participate in them.

Students Agree To

  • Treat others with courtesy, consideration and respect;
  • Attend regularly, on time, and dressed and equipped properly;
  • Tackle all work set as well as they can;
  • Treat the Academy and its grounds with respect;
  • Observe the Academy rules/code of conduct;
  • Observe the ASPIRE model.

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