Going the Extra Mile

Ormiston Maritime Academy is focused on enabling students to achieve the highest academic qualifications possible. However, the school is also committed to the personal, social, moral, physical, cultural, ethical and spiritual development of each student.

Ormiston Maritime Academy offers a range of activities beyond the curriculum. Our view is that the chance to take part voluntarily in activities outside of normal lessons helps students in improving confidence, enjoying their time at the academy, and developing leadership qualities.

Each term, staff offer activities, some of which take place during lunch time and many after school. There are various opportunities in these to represent the academy at sport or music, or to take part in a major event such as a concert or drama production.

We pride ourselves on offering an assortment of activities that actively encourages inclusivity. There is an extensive range of extracurricular sport at lunchtimes and after school, in which all students are welcome to participate regardless of ability or experience.

Remember Vivo’s are awarded to students who attend extracurricular activities or represent the academy in a competition.

For further information or to take part in any of the below activities please ask/email: