Our Ethos, Vision & Values

To provide a vibrant and engaging education for all our students

Our Commitment

  • We are committed to do whatever it takes to provide a vibrant education for all our students.
  • We will provide a structured environment which is founded upon high expectations and no excuses.
  • Through great teaching and learning our students will gain the skills and qualifications they need to lead happy and successful lives and to make a positive contribution to society.

Our Vision

  • We are a School: Our students come first. We deliver an education that enables all of our students to achieve or succeed their targets in a safe, stimulating and aspirational environment.
  • We are a Family: Every member of the Academy family plays a significant part in its success. Together we aspire to excellence. We succeed and celebrate together.
  • We are a Community: We all share a love for, and a commitment to, the community we serve. Respectful relationships are the key to our success. We promote fairness, trust and community spirit in all that we do.

Our Beliefs

We Believe in Human Potential

  • Talk about students and each other positively.
  • Believe excellent work comes from hard work and hard work pays off.
  • Do whatever it takes to ensure all children and adults achieve their potential.
  • Are always learning with and from each other.

We Believe in Effort rather than Ability

  • Have a growth mindset. The harder we work the better we get.
  • Don't set ceilings and we don't make excuses.
  • Are positive and optimistic.
  • Believe that if it’s not our best effort then it is not finished.
  • Work hard to embed routines and ‘sweat the small stuff’.

We Believe that a child's starting point does not determine their outcome

  • Adapt our teaching and approaches and engage students in their learning.
  • Believe that a student’s starting point merely determines how far they have to travel to achieve success.
  • Practice tough love.

Our Values

At Ormiston Maritime Academy we are a values driven school and we aspire to excellence. We are incredibly proud of these values as they were developed by our wonderful students. Ormiston Maritime Academy students know what it takes to be successful in life! The OMA way: Every Student, Everywhere, Every Day.

A = Achieve

  • Know your targets and understand how to meet them
  • Challenge yourself to exceed your targets
  • Respond to feedback and make improvements in purple pen
  • Give effective peer and self-feedback in red pen

S = Support

  • Be willing to share your knowledge with peers
  • Show and tell great work
  • Work together in a group setting
  • Support and help peers/staff in, and outside of, lessons

P = Persevere

  • Be prepared to make mistakes and try again
  • Never give up, even when things get tough
  • Challenge yourself to achieve more than your expectations
  • Go the extra mile for yourself and others

I = Independence

  • Try it yourself before asking for help
  • Solve problems on your own
  • Take responsibility for achieving your targets
  • Complete homework

R = Respect

  • Respect yourself by making the right choices
  • Listen to everyone and respect other’s opinions
  • Show good manners and be respectful to all
  • Respect work, equipment and the environment

E = Engage

  • Show a positive attitude in the lesson
  • Stay on task and don’t be distracted by others
  • Contribute to the lesson in a positive way
  • Ask relevant questions of teachers and peers