Ethos, values & SMSC

Mission Statement

To provide a vibrant and engaging education for our students and their families in a safe, caring environment which widens horizons, builds confidence and independence and encourages excellence; so that all connected with the academy are able to make a positive contribution to society, realise their dreams and have happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our aims:

  • To enable and encourage all students to realise their full potential and develop their self esteem
  • To develop each individual based on their specific needs, aspirations and talents
  • To provide equality of opportunity for all
  • To provide a sense of fairness, integrity, tolerance and respect for others and the environment in all our students
  • To develop a sense of togetherness, shared values and enthusiasm for learning
  • To celebrate success
  • To provide a broad, balanced and challenging education for all our students, preparing them for active citizenship in the 21st   century
  • To develop strong and mutually supportive partnerships with parents and the wider community
  • To involve all students, staff, parents/carers, governors and the wider community in the continuing development of the academy

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC)

Explanation of SMSC:

In every lesson, every day, every week and every term students are exposed to countless opportunities for SMSC development and we see this as an integral part of each student’s experience in order to develop well-rounded, active citizens, ready for the world they are soon to enter.

At Ormiston Maritime Academy we have a duty to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students.   A vital part of the work we do includes helping our students to develop an appreciation of, and a respect for, their own and others’ beliefs, culture and identity.  When students feel secure about their own beliefs, culture and identity they are less likely to feel threatened by difference and less likely to mistrust or fear others.  Skills of empathy and understanding are crucial to lifelong learning and the holistic development of our students

D – Different

I – Individuals are

V – Valued

E – Equal

R – Regardless of their

S – Skin

I – Intellect

T – Talents

Y – Years


Whole Academy:

“Thought/quote for the week” and opportunities to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs.

Tutor Programme:

Through debates and discussions on local, national and international matters, including the support of many charities.


Key messages are promoted and discussed through our House assemblies and whole year groups through our “Thought/Quote for the Week”. Recent assemblies included a presentation from Camps International and the National Citizen Service programme that develops the ability of young people to make an active contribution to their community and others.

Student Voice: 

Our academy has been chosen to work in partnership with the Student Engagement Trust for the next 3 years, as a demonstration site.  Students are encouraged to become an active member of our community and contribute to decision making and academy improvement, being role models within the academy and leading on whole academy charity fundraising.

Visiting Speakers:

We are often joined by visitors who work with students in assemblies, curriculum areas and during extra-curricular events. Recent visitors have included; Casey Stoney (England Ladies Captain), The Animal Man, The Rugby Football Union (RFU), Camps International and GTFC Sport and Education Trust.

There is also a plan for our academy to engage in active partnerships with local, regional, national and international business – supporting and mentoring our entrepreneur programmes and individual students.

Academy Trips: 

A wide range of academy trips and visits including whole year group trips to; National Media Museum (Bradford), Xscape (Yorkshire), Round Hay Park (Leeds), National Holocaust Centre (Nottinghamshire), including many sports events and fixtures, have all contributed to our students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural understandings.

International Partnership: 

We are currently investigating the opportunity and possibility of working in partnership with a school(s) in another country.  Supporting a partner school with fundraising and communication will help promote our students equality, difference and empathy.  In 2012/13 two Year 11 students fundraised in our academy to fund and support their Camps International trip to Ecuador.

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Fundamental British Values at Ormiston Maritime Academy

If you have any further questions regarding SMSC, please don’t hesitate to contact the academy.